Pepper’s Play Date

Well, I’m (semi) sorry to report that Pepper hasn’t been a particularly Bad Dog recently, which is putting a damper on my new blog series “Hello My Name is Pepper and I’m a Bad Dog.”  So, in lieu of mischief, I will give you video of Pepper on her play date last week with our boarder collie friends Owen and Lizze.  Owen and Lizzie are long time friend’s of Oswald’s, but Pepper hasn’t had the opportunity to hang out with them much yet.  I was pet sitting Owen and Lizzie last week so I took Pepper out for some runs on the levee with them.  I think fun was had by all.

Pepper decided that she wanted to hang out with Lizzie the whole time and kept sucking up to her.  I’m fine with a little more Lizzie influence in Pepper’s life because Lizzie is a definitely a Good Dog and maybe Pepper will learn a thing or two.

I’m sure Pepper will manage to be a Bad Dog at some point this week so I will post more updates as they develop.

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