This is me.  To give you my story in a nutshell, I completed my B.Sc. in Zoology in Manitoba (Canada), hung out with some polar bears, and then moved to New Orleans after college.  I’ve spent the past four years teaching Biology, but recently decided on a career change and am now working on my nursing degree. However, my real passion is running, triathlons, and my ginger side-kick, Pepper

I adopted Pepper after the sudden loss of my (canine) running partner, Rupert.  At three-months old, I wasn’t sure what I was in for when Pepper came home with me, and almost a year later I’m still figuring it out.  Pepper packs a lot of personality into 40 pounds worth of pure Ginger Hound and life is certainly anything but boring with her around.

Pepper’s hobbies including napping

IMG_20131112_115921_403 - Copy1531840_696118177087487_664439928_n995273_703105039722134_915990454_n

adventures down by the river


Ginger Jogging on the levee


and just generally being a good side-kick.


This blog will document our various adventures as we make our way through nursing school, triathlons, and life in general

Lastly, the inspiration to start a blog came from Rupert, a puppy I adopted last year after he had been dumped on the levee near our house.


Rupert liked everything and everyone  It still beaks my heart that he passed away at such a young age, but he made a big impact on many people while he was here and for that we are grateful.  Read Rupert’s story here.

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5 thoughts on “About

    • I have no doubt that you and Rupert will teach Oswald that togetherness is wonderful. Nurses have their way. Your site is unique and I shall follow it daily.

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