Oswald the Grouch -The day that I was verbally assaulted by my own dog…

Oswald apparently has a very particular morning routine.  He spends about 15 minutes waking up in the mornings, after sleeping strategically next to my bed in such a manner that I have to be careful not to step on him as I get out of bed in the mornings.  If he thinks that my feet are ever in too close of a proximity to him in the mornings, he gives me a death stare that could turn a grown man into stone.  After he wakes up, he wanders into the back yard to have a sniff, but refuses to pee on anything.  He must save all of his elite urine for his neighborhood patrol each morning.  He eats his breakfast between 6:45 am and 7:30 am, which must always be prepared in a manner to which he is accustomed.  If the breakfast preparation is not up to his liking, again, I receive the death stare. After breakfast we take our morning stroll between 7:00 am and 8:15 am, depending on if I drop the kids off to school in the morning or not.  At this point his morning routine is complete and he settles into his mid-morning – early afternoon routine which consists of sleeping.

Well today started like any other day.  I woke up, almost (but didn’t) stepped on the sleeping Oswald next to the bed, got up, and let the dogs out.  A few minutes later they came back inside.  All is fine.   I fed them breakfast, and apparently the preparation was satisfactory because he ate it all.  So far so good.  This morning I drove the carpool to school so we left around 7:10 am and I told the dogs I would walk them when I got home.  Again, nothing unusual.

Then I made one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made (in Oswald’s eyes).  I dared to run errands on the way home from the school this morning.  I stopped by a few vet clinics and coffee shops to put up some fliers for my pet sitting business, which seemed harmless enough.  However, when I returned home at about 9 am, I was greeted by a very, very disgruntled creature.  I walked to the kitchen to put my purse down and as I turned around Oswald was glaring at me from the dining room.  I greeted him with my usual “Hey Buddy,” which was apparently his cue to let me have it!

He stood in the dining room, glaring at me, and barked for solid minute and a half straight.  And not small little whiny woofs, he was seriously chewing me out for being late.  I couldn’t quite catch all of what he said, but the points that I picked up on were:

  1. Some very unsavory name calling.
  2. My performance this morning was unsatisfactory at best.
  3. I was failing my duties.
  4. If it happened again, I was fired.

Then he paused, and I said “OK,” and then he mumbled something else and strutted to the front door.

At that point I didn’t even change my shoes, I just walked him in my flip-flops, afraid to delay the walk any longer.

All said and done, I think I’ve since been forgiven, but after some long thinking in the car this afternoon I realized something major- I was literally verbally assaulted by my own dog.  Sigh.  Life as a canine Butler isn’t easy, but someone’s got to do it.

Oswald the Grouch

Oswald the Grouch

Sunday Funday

Ok, so this post is a day off, but it’s a holiday weekend so this week Monday is the new Sunday.  We didn’t go to the beach or anywhere exciting this weekend, but we did go for a good, long walk on the levee.  It’s like the beach, but with grass instead of sand, and a river instead of an ocean.  We even found our own sandbar.


We decided to go exploring.


And go for a swim (of course!)


dog river1

So it wasn’t a fancy beach, but it was good enough for us!  Maybe next time we’ll remember to bring a towel!

Bringing Back the Fanny Pack!

Ok, full disclosure: this post is about one of my guilty pleasures- my fanny pack.  I love it!  I can’t help it.  It’s just so handy for dog walking and allows me to keep my hands free to hold leashes as opposed to holding “stuff”.  In my opinion it is my #1 dog walking tool.

I believe I had my first introduction to the world of fanny packs as a small child.  I don’t remember it, but I have no doubt that my mother will be able to dig out a photo of me sporting said fanny pack after she reads this post.  My first real fanny pack (as an adult) was donated to me by my good friend Amy.  How she was able to part with this magical staple of modern fashion I will never understand, but I was eternally grateful that she chose me to bestow it upon.

Unfortunately, the clasp on Amy’s fanny pack broke recently, which left me with the task of shopping for a new fanny pack.  Not knowing where to start, I did what I usually do in such situations and fired up Amazon.com. I was blown away!  Fanny pack shopping was much more detailed than I had ever imagined.  Between all the colors, zipper choices, cup holder options, and different clasps and clips I had no clue where to start!  However, I managed to soldier through the options and finally settled upon “The One”- the Yens® Fantasybag All-Star Fanny Pack.  Two days later (thanks Amazon Prime!) my brand new fanny pack arrived on my doorstep and it was just perfect.

The main feature of this particular model is that it boasts three main zippy pouches*.  The main zippy pouch has compartments inside which are the perfect size for my cell phone, keys, headphones, or anything else I may need.  There is even a little clip inside for my keys to ensure they don’t accidentally fall out when I’m digging through the pouch for other supplies.  The front zippy pouch has been designated for poop bags and training treats, as it has the easiest “one-zip access”.  The back zippy pouch is designated for cash and other valuables for the rare (ok, not so rare) case that the pups and I stop at our local watering hole on the way home from a walk.  This All-Star Fanny Pack also has two side zippy pouches, one of which has a mesh water bottle holder inside than can be pulled out if needed.  Plus, the color scheme is very sleek, black with yellow accents, which says “I’m casual, yet stylish.”

* “zippy pouches” is the technical term in fanny pack lingo for any compartment found in the pack.

bum bag 1



Overall, I would give it a 10/10 on the fanny pack quality scale.  Other members of my family (and all of my friends, now that I think about it) have not jumped on the fanny pack bandwagon yet, and are actually resisting my suggestions to wear the pack when they are walking dogs without me.  I don’t pretend to understand their resistance to this functional, yet snazzy accessory, but to each their own.  I suppose not everyone can have great taste like me!

Happy Walking

Why Walk? Part 2

This weekend I posted about the importance of walking your dogs.  Most of us don’t live in the woods or on large parcels of land where our dogs have the ability to roam around all day.  Most of our dogs, like their owners, live fairly sedentary lifestyles in comparison to their ancestors.  Consequently, I believe that walking your dog is the single most important thing you can do for their health.  You can read my thoughts on the matter here.

However, today I want to talk about why walking your dog is good for you, not just your best four-legged friend.

Part 2:  The Human Benefits of Walking

1. Physical exercise:  This should be the most obvious reason that walking your dog is good for you.  The CDC, American Heart Association, and Mayo Clinic all recommend that an average adult between the ages of 18 and 64 performs 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise (walking) each week.  150 minutes might sound like a lot, but when it is broken up over 7 days, it is a little over 20 minutes a day.  The CDC even specifically states that:

“10 minutes at a time is fine. We know 150 minutes each week sounds like a lot of time, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Not only is it best to spread your activity out during the week, but you can break it up into smaller chunks of time during the day. As long as you’re doing your activity at a moderate or vigorous effort for at least 10 minutes at a time.”

Perfect!   That means if you take your dog out for 10 minutes before work, and 10 minutes when you get home you have met your daily quota.  If you want to get really fancy, the CDC recommends 500 minutes of exercise a week for greater health benefits, but that might be a nice goal to build up to if you’re just starting off.  To read more about recommended exercise levels, click on the hyperlinks above to visit the pages of different organizations.

The real questions is why is exercise important?   Here are just a few benefits of regular exercise:

  • Strengthening your cardiovascular system:  Moderate aerobic exercise helps to strengthen heart muscle.  This causes an increased stroke volume (more blood pumped per beat) which means your heart doesn’t work as hard to pump the same amount of blood.  Walking also helps to lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.
  • Increasing muscle mass and tone:  You will be amazed at how much muscle mass and tone you can gain just from walking.  Your muscles support your joints and bones and helps to prevent injury.  Your muscles also store glycogen (energy), and the more muscle you have, the more glycogen that can be stored which means less muscle fatigue.  Also, your muscles are where energy is broken down in your body, so when you increase the amount of muscle in your body, you are also increasing your metabolism.
  • Strengthening bones and joints:  Walking is a great exercise for your bones because it is fairly low-impact, but still allows for some wear and tear on your bones and joints.  This normal wear and tear actually causes microscopic breaks in your bones that special cells called osteoblasts are constantly repairing.  Luckily for us, osteoblasts are really good at their jobs, and they actually repair our bones to be stronger than they were originally.  Women, especially, require regular weight-bearing exercise to keep their bones strong and help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Increased endurance: The combination of increased muscle mass, bone density, and cardiovascular output increases your overall endurance.  You will have more energy and won’t become tired as easily when performing daily tasks.  You might even find yourself wanting to get more things accomplished because you have the energy and ability to.

There are hundreds of other reasons that exercise is important for our bodies.  It helps to regular blood sugar, moderates lipid (fat) levels, and strengthens the respiratory system.  The bottom line is that physical exercise benefits every system in your body one way or another.  It’s basically a wonder drug!

2. Mental stimulation:  Whenever I think about the mental benefits of exercise, I think of the movie Legally Blonde.  Elle, the “ditsy” blonde protagonist, is trying to prove in court that a famous exercise instructor didn’t kill her husband.  Although Elle’s argument may have been overly simplistic (and she ends up proving her case based on the chemistry of perming hair….), she does have one solid quote that I love.  Elle states, “Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” (video clip)

Elle is correct that exercise does release chemicals known as endorphins in your brain which cause an increased feeling of happiness.  These chemicals are responsible for the “runner’s high” phenomenon and have also been show to reduce symptoms of depression.  Some other mental benefits to walking are:

  • Stress release:  Not only does going for a walk give you that feeling of ‘clearing your head’, it also has a physiological response to stress.  When you exercise your body releases a chemical called norepinephrine, which helps the brain regulate the response to stress.  Although we may opt for a glass of wine and a bath after a particularly frustrating day, a 20 minute walk will actually do you more good.
  • Regulate sleep patterns: Not only will you be more physically tired, but exercising a few hours before bed also helps to shut your brain off at night.  This can help eliminate tossing and turning, and result in a more worthwhile night’s sleep.
  • Stimulate thought and creativity: I personally get all of my best thinking done while I’m out walking with the dogs.  When I’m not trying to stop them from climbing a tree or jumping in the river, I have a chunk of distraction-free time to think about strategies for accomplishing different tasks ahead of me, or coming up with new ideas of things to try (such as “I should start a blog…”).  It is rare nowadays that we are ever really distraction free without computers, phones, or television to do some solid thinking.  Walking provides us that time.

3.  Vitamin D:  The sun has been getting a bit of a bad wrap recently, and as a redhead I know why- it burns!  The studies detailing the dangers of sunburns are plentiful, and why allowing ourselves to get sunburned is a very bad idea, getting low amounts of sun exposure each day is a very good idea.  When our skin is in the presence of UV light, it produces Vitamin D, which is essential for many physiological process.  Vitamin D allows our bodies to absorb calcium, which is needed for bone growth, muscle function, and numerous other tasks.   You can read in detail about Vitamin D here at the National Institute of Health website, but my non-medical opinion is that 20 minutes a day of morning or evening sun exposure will do much more good than harm.  Plus, it gives you the excuse to buy a cute sun hat.

4. Sweat:  Sweat also tends to get a bad wrap in society, but I have to say I love sweat!  The skin is one of the major detoxifying organs in your body and sweat is the vessel of detoxification.  Your sweat is made up of mostly water, but also contains minerals and metabolic waste, such as urea and lactic acid, that your body produces during day to day functions.  Sweat is the quickest and easiest way to clear this metabolic junk out of your body.  Sweat is also great for your pores if you are prone to acne, as it helps to wash away the bacteria and other substances that causes inflammation of your sebaceous glands.  And yes, you may be a tad stinky after a good, long sweat, but it’s nothing a quick shower cant’ fix!

5. Confidence:  Once you and your dog get into the walking routine you will find that your confidence grows.  Not only will you have learned which routes to take to avoid a confrontation with that pesky neighborhood cat, but you may begin to see some of the same people out and about.  After a while they will give you those looks of, “Wow, what a great dog owner they must be!” or, “I wish I looked that cool when I walked my dog.”  There is also my personal favorite of being told, “Wow, what a gorgeous/handsome/cool looking dog you have!” to which I always answer, “Oh, thanks so much,” and Oswald is sure to carry his head and tail a little higher.

6.  Family bonding:  I’m a big fan of family dog walks in our house.  I have to admit that no one else seems to be as excited about them as I am, but I drag them out with me on a weekend morning anyway.  Although I am met with many grumblings as I shove my lovelies out of the house, we always have a nice time once we are out walking.  It allows us to all chat together, laugh at the dogs, and get some fresh air.

7.  You dog will love you:  This is the best reason, in my opinion.  Your dog will be eternally grateful because they love their walks so much.  It gives them time to hang out with you and do something they love, which is really all any dog wants.  So do your dog a favor and give them 20 minutes a day of your time.  Trust me, after two weeks you’ll be craving your walks!

Look for Part 3 coming tomorrow about helpful supplies that make walking with your dogs much easier.  I will also discuss my quest to bring back the “bum bag”, which my boyfriend is less than enthused about!

Happy Trails!

This post is Oswald approved.

This post is Oswald approved.